Mirko, Marley, & Myrtle

A short introduction to my furbabies and best friends, Mirko, Marley, and Myrtle. I get asked all the time about rabbits as pets (sounds weird, I know!). And all I can say, is that they are the best EVER! Imagine a lovable cross between a cat and a dog:
  •   easily potty trained (no daily walks in the rain or snow!)
  •   incredibly smart with distinct personalities
  •   sleeps during the day, and is most active when you are home (morning and night)
  •  craves attention and cuddles, and loves to be part of the family

A lot of a rabbit's personality depends on its breed, and as with all pets, one must be willing to spend a lot of time with them. One common misconception is that rabbit can be left in a cage all day. NOT TRUE AT ALL! You must spend a lot of time with your rabbit and learn his or her individual personality. As rabbits are not vocal, an owner must be very perceptive to their rabbit’s needs. Rabbits are best suited for responsible and experienced pet owners, who could benefit from a smaller companion that does not require a set schedule. Also, be aware that there are not many vets who are qualified to treat bunnies, so research and talk with “exotic” or “pocket pet” vets in your area before deciding a bunny is the right pet for you. You also need to research their diet and how you plan to house them, because many foods and even certain litter chips can be dangerous for bunnies. I refer to www.rabbit.org  often for a range of information on rabbit care.

Now, to introduce my babies.

Mirko Pepper

Mirko Pepper is a male Jersey Wooly, one of the most loveable breeds that enjoy being held. Mirko, to his dismay, does require constant brushing. He was born November 11, 2012, and came home with us on New Years’ Day 2013. He is a momma's boy who loves to snuggle up and take naps with me, and runs up to me when he wants to be picked up. He’s somewhat of a 'scaredy bunny'. He loves treats like cheerios and banana chips, and is very generous with his bunny kisses.

Marley Keys

baby Marley
Marley Keys is a female Holland Lop.  She is playful, bossy, wild child, who is a complete handful! Princess Marley was born on August 29, 2014, and came home to meet Mirko on his birthday, November 11. They have been in love from day 1.  She is a special bunny-she is deaf and much prefers the company of Mirko to humans. Her favorite things to do are boss Mirko and her humans around, run around the house, sleep and eat. Her favorite toy is a slinkie.  When Marley gets mad she loves to chew carpet (bad bunny!).
Mirko and Marley are what you call 'bonded' and you can usually find them snuggled up together. They are both fixed-for their health and to help with bad habits associated with hormones.

Myrtle Mae

Myrtle the lionhead is the baby of the family. He was born in early October and came home November 19, 2014. He was the cutest little ball of fluff I’ve ever seen, although initially we thought baby Myrtle was a girl! By the time we realized he was indeed a boy, he was already very much “Myrtle”.  Myrtle has been an active and curious little bunny since day one. He does enjoy the company of his humans and loves to play chase, but doesn’t like to cuddle quite as much as Mirko.  He is very intelligent, and another of his favorite games is to pretend that he doesn’t understand us when it’s time to go “night-night”. Myrtle would rather run and play with Mirko and Marley, so does not have a preference for toys or treats.
Unfortunately, because our furbabies love to chew carpet when they are bored, they cannot roam free when we are not home. However, Myrtle has his own large, multi-level bunny condo, and Mirko and Marley share another bunny condo where they love to stretch out and climb during the day time.

7 mile round-trip hike with Mirko and Marley
They love opening presents!

Myrtle loves to cheer his parents on at their races

Always curious


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