Week 19/20 to Chattanooga 70.3 Recap

Tuesday, 5/7
Tuesday nights are my least favorite workout- super threshold intervals over an hour with less than a minute break. I feel like half the time I can’t finish them at 100% effort and they only get harder each week. But I nailed last night’s! And even better- that’s the last one I have to do before I get to enjoy the beautiful Chattanooga bike course again! I’ve been reading up, studying the course, and getting a good race plan in my head. Which is usually an anxious mess of random sticky notes here and there Maybe I’ll get more organized this time around!

Wednesday, 5/8

I didn’t have a lot of time between work and our church small group meeting to get my run in, so I decided to just run there! It’s a runners’ small group, but we were mixing it up a bit and meeting at the local tennis courts to learn pickleball before our Bible study (which was quiet the workout and a lot of fun!).
Running point to point makes me feel so accomplished! It’s a nice switch up from the out and backs or loops I usually stick to, but I rarely get to do it because, well where can you run safely and show up super sweaty? There were no sidewalks on half the run, which meant I had to run on grassy hillsides, but it was still a fun, urban adventure! I’m definitely going to have to find a way to make more of my runs exciting. I decided to ditch the watch and just ran 4 miles by feel (w/u, tempo, and c/d).

Thursday, 5/9

Swam 1,900 yards. My wrist and shoulder were pretty painful, so this swim was just survival.

Friday, 5/10
Easy 1 hour 15 min. spin tonight! T-9 days til race day! I’m going to spend the time listening to my body, resting, eating well, stretching, and most importantly preparing mentally for the big day.

I’ve thought about how thankful I am to everyone that has gotten me this far. I’m so thankful for my local club, MidGATri. When I first found them 5 ish years ago, they were the first that made me believe I COULD become an Ironman. These athletes have become some of my closest friends. They are a never ending source of support, encouragement, and knowledge. I’m so lucky to have that available to me. Tomorrow, I get to ride with some amazing and strong ladies and for that I’m grateful and thankful! ️

Saturday, 5/11
Last brick before Chattanooga 70.3 done! 2:10 bike, 30 min run yesterday. Kept the effort light, and practiced steady and controlled pacing off the bike. I feel like my body is responding well to taper, and I’m really getting excited to race! It went by super quickly, as I got to ride with some wonderful, strong athletes from our club. The bike got a thorough wash when I got home.

Sunday, 5/12
Ran with Jason through Ferngully on my last “long” run yesterday. (80s babes will know that reference!) It was super soggy, and my shoes were drenched by the end, but the cooler temps gave me a quick pace at easy effort. It was a great mental boost as we enter RACE WEEK!! (1 hr, 6 mi.)

The priority this week is to go over the bike with a fine tooth comb, finish packing, hydrate, sleep, and find my happy place mentally. After a super restful weekend, I am starting the week encouraged and excited!!


  1. You are going to do great! I am always so impressed by your dedication!


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