Week 18 to Chattanooga 70.3 Training Recap

I’m a little late to the game on this…. About 18 weeks in fact, since I’m only two weeks out from Chattanooga!
I’ve had trouble finding time to update on my training lately, but I post on Instagram short recaps fairly regularly.  I thought I might try compiling each of those into one post and adding them here weekly and see how it goes. These are little more than training journal entries, and may not be very interesting initially, as it’s almost taper time for Chattanooga 70.3 on May 19th! However, right after that, I’ll transition into training for a very different challenge: Georgia Jewel 35 miler – an ultra trail run.
April 29-May 5th

Tuesday, April 30:

Kicked off the training week with my LEAST favorite workout...
This trainer ride is the same every week, but each week the recovery intervals shorten. Today was basically 30 min of intervals increasing from 105% to 121% FTP with only two min recovery over one hour. I’m 100% an endurance athlete. I love pain of distance, but I don’t like that feeling of redlining and going all out. It’s so far outside my comfort zone. So every time I make it through one of these workouts without dialing back the intensity, it’s a huge mental win for me!! Workouts like these are amazing in that they show you just how much farther your body will go than you think it’s capable. Today was a win, and I was able to hit every one of the intervals to complete the workout!

April Miles Recap:

April is over and with it, all but one big build week to Chattanooga 70.3. My miles aren’t my ideal, but they will get me through the day, and I’m still confident I can pull off a strong race. If nothing else, I have learned after this build and IMTX last year that early season races just ain’t my thang. 
Swim (6.2 mi.): disappointed here, BUT I was getting super discouraged last month when I was swimming more and my times were getting worse. I’ve swam better this month than ever, so you figure that one out!? Also been nursing some shoulder pain which has made me limit my time in the pool. 
Bike (448 mi.): very happy with the work I’ve put in there. Wish I had more outdoor long bricks, but I think it’ll translate come race day. 
Run (69 mi.): not great, but considering I took off like 9 days for major knee pain, I’ll take it. I’ve run fewer miles than I historically have for just about any long course tri, but I’ve had some great track workouts and tempo work on my long runs that hopefully will kick up that pace on the run. 
Ultimately, I’m looking forward to getting the last long weekend behind me, and start planning race day! 

Wednesday, May 1:

a.m. – swim
2,000 yards continuous – hard for first 200 – 1:42/100 yard
500 yards continuous – hard for first 100 – 1:40/100
Cool down
Total: 2,800 yards
p.m. - track
1 mi at 5k race pace (goal: 7:20/mile)
400m EZ
400m all out
800m EZ
Repeat 3x
I was so nervous going into this workout because I haven’t done anything faster than 10k tempos since I literally can’t remember when and it’s been a year and a half since my last 5k. It was also 85 degrees, and I’m really not acclimated to that yet. Throw on top of that the fact that heat and hard speed workouts tend to make me hyperventilate badly. I decided to aim for 2 rounds and see how I felt for the 3rd. 
I made it through the first round ok, but by the second round, I started having dizziness and tunnel vision. I tried twice to restart the mile 5k pace repeat, but my HR didn’t feel right and my legs wouldn’t go. I was by myself so the warning signs my body was giving me made me afraid to push. Defeated, I walked it out and decided to jog the rest of the miles in zone 2. After a mile, I felt ok, so decided to give it a go again. Definitely could not hit the goal paces, but I was grateful that I was able to put in the effort and give it everything I had that day for 7 miles. 
I’ve been called the “queen of consistency” but as you can see, she didn’t show up last night:

1st mi at RP: 7:16/mi
1st all out .25 mi interval: 7:07
2nd mi “RP”: 8:06
2nd all out .25 mi interval: 7:20
First round was dead on, but then things just got ugly!!
Total: 7 miles at 10:01/min mile.

Thursday, May 2:

p.m. – Cut 1:15 tempo ride short to one hour, even after dialing back effort. Ran 3.1 miles off the bike in my super hilly neighborhood. Felt really sluggish and even though my effort felt through the roof, my HR was showing a medium effort.

Saturday. May 4:

Last long brick before Chattanooga 70.3! I volunteered at the local Journey for Autism from 8-2 p.m. Which meant I couldn’t get home and on the trainer til 3 p.m. with a 4 hour ride and 1 hour run ahead of me!
This week has been weird... my max HR was super low on Tues. and Wed. hard efforts and my legs were trashed. Did some research and friend polling (this is self-coaching, yall!), and decided to sit out my Friday recovery bike. Apparently, a lowered max heart rate is a symptom of being very unrecovered. Stretched, foam rolled, and visited my grandma!
It would up being a great decision, as my HR was normal, my legs felt refreshed, and I didn’t have to sacrifice the quality of my last two long, key workouts!
70 ish miles, average power: 111, average HR: 140. 5.1 mile, zone 2 brick of relentless hills and humidity!

Sunday, May 5:

My LAST LONG RUN of Chattanooga 70.3 training! I can't believe it's almost here, and as always, I'm thankful that the long training days are almost over, but also wishing I had a little more time for improvement. That's taper for you!

I was shooting for two hours, and I had a progressive run planned - which means that I aimed to run each mile 10 seconds faster than the last. This took some planning to make sure I started slow enough that I wasn't overreaching by the end. Ultimately, this is how I would love to execute race day, although not with as drastically different starting/ending paces.

I was happy that Jason chose to join me for the first half of my run.  It's always my favorite to have him there. We rarely talk, but it's just nice to spend that quiet time together. I ran my first mile at an 11:06 pace. From there, I consistently negative split according to plan. My legs were feeling really great and my heart rate surprisingly stayed in zone 2 until about mile 9. My knee started hurting and feeling a bit sticky toward the end, but it held up, and my last mile, mile 12, was at a comfortable 8:50 min/mile. Overall, I averaged 10:06 per mile, which I would be happy with at Chattanooga. I'm so grateful to have been able to end with a strong run- it was a great confidence booster to know that I'll be ready come race day!


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