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Triathlon Packing List

70.3 Packing List This list may be overkill for most athletes, but knowing that I’m prepared for any situation eases my pre-race anxiety. My list is even longer for an Ironman! On the other hand, you can find me throwing stuff together the night before a sprint tri. As long as I show up with my bike shoes, run shoes, helmet, and goggles – I’m ready to race! My sweet notes of encouragement that I bring to every race Swim: Wetsuit Gloves (to put on wetsuit) Swimskin Triswim (to put on wetsuit and prevent chaffing – spray on body and in shoes) Flip flops Baby shampoo Goggles Spare goggles Long sleeve (cold weather) Water bottle Transition: Socks Bike shoes Helmet Hand towel Transition mat Sunglasses Ziploc: aleve, listerine strips, tums, chapstick, lucky buckeye, extra ziploc (for ice on course) Saddle bag: 2-80 mm tubes, valve tool, 2 zip ties, 3-Co2, tire levers, dollar bill, allen wrenches Race belt Run shoes Visor Hand held

Week 19/20 to Chattanooga 70.3 Recap

Tuesday, 5/7 Tue sday nights are my least favorite workout- super threshold intervals over an hour with less than a minute break. I feel like half the time I can’t finish them at 100% effort and they only get harder each week. But I nailed last night’s! And even better- that’s the last one I have to do before I get to enjoy the beautiful Chattanooga bike course again! I’ve been reading up, studying the course, and getting a good race plan in my head. Which is usually an anxious mess of random sticky notes here and there Maybe I’ll get more organized this time around! Wednesday, 5/8 I didn’t have a lot of time between work and our church small group meeting to get my run in, so I decided to just run there! It’s a runners’ small group, but we were mixing it up a bit and meeting at the local tennis courts to learn pickleball before our Bible study (which was quiet the workout and a lot of fun!). Running point to point makes me feel so accomplished! It’s a nice switch up from the

Week 18 to Chattanooga 70.3 Training Recap

I’m a little late to the game on this…. About 18 weeks in fact, since I’m only two weeks out from Chattanooga! I’ve had trouble finding time to update on my training lately, but I post on Instagram short recaps fairly regularly.   I thought I might try compiling each of those into one post and adding them here weekly and see how it goes. These are little more than training journal entries, and may not be very interesting initially, as it’s almost taper time for Chattanooga 70.3 on May 19th! However, right after that, I’ll transition into training for a very different challenge: Georgia Jewel 35 miler – an ultra trail run. April 29-May 5th Tuesday, April 30: Kicked off the training week with my LEAST favorite workout... This trainer ride is the same every week, but each week the recovery intervals shorten. Today was basically 30 min of intervals increasing from 105% to 121% FTP with only two min recovery over one hour. I’m 100% an endurance athlete. I love pain of distance