When It Rains

When it rains, it has a tendency to pour. But, like rivers, we have the opportunity to become stronger than ever during these downpours. We can adapt and create.

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that my 2018 ended less than stellar. In sum- I’ve been out of work, unable to run, and we lost our dear pet a few days after Christmas. I didn’t get off the couch for two weeks. I allowed myself time to be sad, because I think you have to embrace all of your emotions. The danger is dwelling in them. However, I reminded myself to trust that God had a plan and things would get better. 

And they are. I am so encouraged to say that I have been running without pain for a couple of weeks now!! I’m still only at five miles, but I am almost certain that my injury was nothing more serious than muscle tightness and lack of flexibility in my lower legs and ankles. 

Yesterday, I ran with my husband along the river for 3 of the most comfortable miles I’ve had in months. If you live in the southeast, you know we’ve received more rain here in GA than Seattle the past few months. Our favorite park has been closed for several weeks due to flooding and only recently reopened. I was amazed at the damage the river caused. It eroded the banks in several places, washing out several giant trees. Huge, new sandbars have already appeared, and the river is still in flood stage. It’s beautiful and frightening in its power. 

I’ve been reflecting on this, and I feel like God is using my run yesterday as a teaching moment. There will be times in our lives when the rains come. It will damage us and maybe even those close to us. But if we trust God and seek His plan for our lives, we will have the strength like a river to turn that chaos and pain into something new and beautiful. We may never be the same, but sometimes God needs to take us through hard things to become who He wants us to be. 

I would absolutely love to hear your stories of when God has turned a tough time into something beautiful!! On the other hand, if you’re going through something, please feel free to reach out! I’m happy to listen or simply keep you in my prayers.


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