My Other Expensive Hobby...

Because triathlon isn't bad enough, right?! 

Even as a kid, I can remember having a camera in hand. You know, back when I had to take my rolls
of film to the processing center, then wait impatiently for a week to see if any of them had actually turned out!

In 2014, I decided to take that a step further and purchase a used DSLR camera before our family trip to Alaska. It was Nikon’s entry level camera, the D3100. Oh the adventures that me and that hefty dinosaur have gone on! It really should have had its own Garmin to map the miles and elevation changes.  From Alaska to the BVI, up mountains and across oceans, it’s been my trusty go-to.

In the past year or so have I been really interested in learning and researching how to take a good photograph. Over the past three years I have learned the kind of pictures I want to take, and also the limitations this camera has (I won’t bore you with all of those details). I post a lot of these photos on my travel/photography IG page: ashmarieadventures.

Because it IS just a hobby, I refused to upgrade until I knew how to take my camera off of “auto” mode. I played with that a bit this fall, including during our trip to Utah, and MOST of my pictures didn’t turn out great. But that’s ok! I learned a lot-mostly what I was doing wrong- which was helpful in researching how to get the photos I wanted. 

Last weekend, I went to a great Intro to Photography class at the 567 Center. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I certainly knew a lot more than I had given myself credit for. Jason has been telling me to upgrade my camera ever since our trip to Utah. I’ve been researching which camera I wanted ever since, but didn’t feel right about spending the money, UNTIL the class.

So I am proud to say that I am the new owner of a gently used Nikon D5500! It’s still an “amateur” level camera, but I am already blown away by the quality of photos, capabilities, and how LIGHT this camera is compared to my 8 year old trusty dinosaur. No more rest stops to stretch out my hurting back from lugging that thing up a mountain!

I think I’ve gotten all of my lenses and cameras refurbished or used from B & H Photo online. They have great customer service, no tax to GA, and free shipping. Everything I have purchased from them I’ve received within two days from NY, and it’s worked beautifully! I always cross check their prices against several other businesses, but I always seem to find the best value with them. 

Next up- I’ll be taking an editing class at the 567 Center for Renewal to try to FIX some of those photos I took on our last trip!


  1. This is so cool! Always wondered how you got such amazong photos. May higher you to take some pics of us 😉


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