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My Other Expensive Hobby...

Because triathlon isn't bad enough, right?!  Even as a kid, I can remember having a camera in hand. You know, back when I had to take my rolls of film to the processing center, then wait impatiently for a week to see if any of them had actually turned out! In 2014, I decided to take that a step further and purchase a used DSLR camera before our family trip to Alaska. It was Nikon’s entry level camera, the D3100. Oh the adventures that me and that hefty dinosaur have gone on! It really should have had its own Garmin to map the miles and elevation changes.   From Alaska to the BVI, up mountains and across oceans, it’s been my trusty go-to. In the past year or so have I been really interested in learning and researching how to take a good photograph. Over the past three years I have learned the kind of pictures I want to take, and also the limitations this camera has (I won’t bore you with all of those details). I post a lot of these photos on my travel/photography IG

When It Rains

When it rains, it has a tendency to pour. But, like rivers, we have the opportunity to become stronger than ever during these downpours. We can adapt and create. If you’ve been following my posts, you know that my 2018 ended less than stellar. In sum- I’ve been out of work, unable to run, and we lost our dear pet a few days after Christmas. I didn’t get off the couch for two weeks. I allowed myself time to be sad, because I think you have to embrace all of your emotions. The danger is dwelling in them. However, I reminded myself to trust that God had a plan and things would get better.  And they are. I am so encouraged to say that I have been running without pain for a couple of weeks now!! I’m still only at five miles, but I am almost certain that my injury was nothing more serious than muscle tightness and lack of flexibility in my lower legs and ankles.  Yesterday, I ran with my husband along the river for 3 of the most comfortable miles I’ve had in months. If you live

Shuckstack Fire Tower and Fontana Dam

The last weekend of October 2018, Jason and I made last minute reservations for a 4-day camping trip at Fontana Village and Resort to see the fall foliage in one of our favorite places, the majestic Smoky Mountains.   Fontana borders the southwestern edge of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (GSMNP), and importantly, is 30 minutes from the nearest cell service or grocery store. A bit of trivia: Fontana Village Resort, established in the 1970s, traces its origins to the early 1940s.   The town of Fontana sprung up overnight to accommodate thousands of workers and their families who were hired to construct Fontana Dam as part of the war effort. However, just as quickly as it was built, the town was abandoned several years later as the families moved along to build more dams for the TVA. The resort took advantage of the town structure, and created a beautiful haven, tucked away just south of the infamous winding highway nicknamed Dragon’s Tail. The campground area is ab