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Tough, Tougher, Toughest: Week 26/30 to Ironman Chattanooga

This week was pretty crummy from a training standpoint. I’ve just felt super run down all week, and I’ve just not been able to get my legs to work hard enough to get my heart rate where in zone 2, let alone my speedwork in zone 4.  I remember lots of crummy days/weeks last year, but I feel very fortunate that it’s taken me this long to not be super stoked about training. In fact, I kept telling myself, how many workouts did I cry last year? (A bunch!) And how many this year? (None-YET!)  I cut a couple of my workouts 10-15 minutes short, and opted for an extra two hours sleep instead of my third swim on Friday. Not exactly how I wanted to finish up my second to last week before taper, but I think it was still a solid week overall. Additionally, I’ve gotten a bit worried this week that I’ve NOT been worried ENOUGH about the hills on the Choo run course. I’ve been trying to run hills about once a week, but then this week, I went full blown freak out mode, and I ran some crazy hills o…