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Week 25/30 to IM Chattanooga Recap

Swim: 1.5 mi.
Bike: 145 mi.
Run: 32.5
Total time: 16 hours So our pool was closed almost ALL week, starting Tuesday night. I’ll say that it was mandated by the health department and leave the rest to your imagination. Good news is-it’s back up and running this week. Unfortunately, our lake is still like bath water, and I’m just not brave enough to jump in and risk another crazy sinus infection. Not happy about missing two swims this week, but life happens.
Tuesday night we had a hot and steamy track workout. 1 mile warm up, 3 x 1600m I pace (just under 5k race pace) w/ 4 min recovery, 1 mile cool down. I nailed the first mile at just under an 8 min pace, but the heat just made it go downhill from there!

On Thursday’s bike and Friday’s run, I just couldn’t keep my heart rate down. Not sure if it was the heat/humidity again or recovery or what, but that was a bit frustrating.

Jason took his first days off in TWELVE days and for some crazy, insane reason, decided to join me on my 100+ mil…