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I must confess, when I first expressed interest in fundraising for Covenant Care in my training for Ironman Chattanooga, I didn’t know much about adoptions or the organization. I figured, how could I go wrong with fundraising for a non-profit whose focus is to place babies in loving homes!? But the more that I have discovered, the more I have fallen in love with, and feel honored to be a part of, the Covenant Care team! So I figured that if I didn’t know much about adoptions, chances are that most of you don’t either.

The other day at our Covenant Care Tri for Adoption team meet and greet, I learned a sobering statistic. 

Did you know that 82 infants are aborted compared to only 1 infant adopted every day in Georgia?

While I think everyone knows that adoption is an alternative, choosing that alternative can be very intimidating to a birth mother, especially when many adoption agencies seem to focus primarily on the wellbeing of the infant and adoptive parents. I can’t think of anything worse than the uncertainty of not being able to provide for your unborn child, than to feel pressured into a life-changing decision. 

This is where Covenant Care shines brightly. They support the birth mother 100% physically, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the pregnancy, whether or not she has committed to adoption.  Covenant Care ensures the birth mother has access to medical care, that she’s taking prenatal vitamins, and has assistance with living expenses if necessary. She is also provided with counseling, including a yearly retreat (for as many years as she wants to attend!) for all birth mothers. The birth mother is never pressured into adoption, but simply provided options. If she does choose adoption, she can meet and choose the adoptive family. Covenant Care is different from most adoption agencies in that they place the focus on loving and providing for the birth mother from day 1. Simply put, the birth mother is LOVED ON. I have had the pleasure of meeting several employees of Covenant Care, and I can honestly say that they get beyond excited to love on, minister to, and bless prospective birth mothers.

Now for costs. Before joining the Covenant Care Tri for Adoption team, I knew that adoptions were costly. I’ve seen families fundraise just so they could have a chance to have a child of their own. However, I did not know that Covenant Care, through donations, keeps their costs almost 1/3 lower than other adoption agencies! I feel so blessed and honored to even be a part of a team that can help ensure that a loving couple does not have to give up their dream of raising a child, simply because the cost of an adoption would be a financial strain on them.

In summary, Covenant Care serves 150-200 women and completes about 25 adoptions per year. In all, Covenant Care has completed 550 adoptions!!!

“We approach adoption as a Gospel ministry, meaning we exist to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of birthmothers by connecting them to community resources, providing counseling, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Our first priority is the birthmother and her baby: we find a family for a child in need, rather than find a child for a family. We never pressure mothers into choosing adoption over parenting.”

YES. All the feels. If you have some feels, please consider donating through my link. Also, if you want to be a part of Covenant Care, but aren’t ready to adopt a child, you can ADOPT ME AS AN ATHLETE!!!

When you adopt me, you can follow me throughout training for Ironman Chattanooga, send encouraging messages (but you don’t have to adopt me to do that!), and help me get the word out so I can reach my $1,500 goal. Simply donate at least $100 to ADOPT ME. You’ll get free hugs and a complimentary t-shirt.

Now, don't get too excited, but I will also feature anyone who donates on my page on social media with a special, limited edition art work that may or may not include stick figures by yours truly in one of my workouts!! (I mean, that’s priceless!)

If you’d like to know more about the donation levels, and having your business or organization featured on our team kits and t-shirts, please contact me! 

Donate here


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