Gulf Coast 70.3 Goals

So Jason and I are very excited to finally race Gulf Coast half, although this is the first year run by Ironman. It’ll be my fourth half Ironman distance, but only my second run by Ironman, so I’m very excited for all the energy that comes with an Ironman race!

We started specifically training in late January, and just like that, race day is only two days away! Last year was all about completing the Ironman, and planning a wedding, of course. So I went into this year feeling strong, and hoping this would be the year for speed. I set some big goals for this race (my first of the season).

And just like that, life happened. I took a week off running for shins splints, another week with reduced training due to my health, and then a week for moving. I don’t regret anything! Jason and I had the opportunity to buy a home, and we jumped on it. Every day I come home and I love being in MY home. I love working in my yard, then joining Jason for a run around our neighborhood.

But what does that mean for race day? Well, it means my goal is to simply have FUN. I may or may not PR the race, but I do know that I’m taking the pressure off myself (there are plenty of other races this year), and I’m going to enjoy the day, the venue, and the people.  I know that I may not be as strong as I could be, but hey, I’ve been living life! 


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