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At Least I Was Too Busy Worrying About Drowning to Think About Sharks, a Gulf Coast Pre Race Report

Our alarm went off at 2:30 Friday morning. Jason and I secured the bikes to the car, and by 3:30, we were on our way to Panama City. If you’ve never traveled to the panhandle from central Georgia, you have no idea how monotonous of a drive it is. Thankfully, my sweet husband let me snooze most of the way. Our reason to leave so early was to arrive at the convention center just in time for check in to open at 9:00. Half way through our 5 hour drive and at the end of my little snooze, I suddenly remember that PC is in Central time.  Jason was less than thrilled to find out he could have had an extra hour of sleep. Ooops. Patiently waiting for athlete check in to open Safely in PC, we found ourselves (big surprise) an hour early. Jason and I went out for a quick little 20 minute jog along nice and flat Front Beach Drive. We took it easy, and it felt like a comfortable, but not quite cool, beach morning. However, by the time we made it back to the car, I was sticky and drenched w

Gulf Coast 70.3 Goals

So Jason and I are very excited to finally race Gulf Coast half, although this is the first year run by Ironman. It’ll be my fourth half Ironman distance, but only my second run by Ironman, so I’m very excited for all the energy that comes with an Ironman race! We started specifically training in late January, and just like that, race day is only two days away! Last year was all about completing the Ironman, and planning a wedding, of course. So I went into this year feeling strong, and hoping this would be the year for speed. I set some big goals for this race (my first of the season). And just like that, life happened. I took a week off running for shins splints, another week with reduced training due to my health, and then a week for moving. I don’t regret anything! Jason and I had the opportunity to buy a home, and we jumped on it. Every day I come home and I love being in MY home. I love working in my yard, then joining Jason for a run around our neighborhood. B

Tri for Adoption

I must confess, when I first expressed interest in fundraising for Covenant Care in my training for Ironman Chattanooga, I didn’t know much about adoptions or the organization. I figured, how could I go wrong with fundraising for a non-profit whose focus is to place babies in loving homes!? But the more that I have discovered, the more I have fallen in love with, and feel honored to be a part of, the Covenant Care team! So I figured that if I didn’t know much about adoptions, chances are that most of you don’t either. The other day at our Covenant Care Tri for Adoption team meet and greet, I learned a sobering statistic.   Did you know that 82 infants are aborted compared to only 1 infant adopted every day in Georgia? While I think everyone knows that adoption is an alternative, choosing that alternative can be very intimidating to a birth mother, especially when many adoption agencies seem to focus primarily on the wellbeing of the infant and adoptive parents. I can’t thi