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Faster and Smarter

Yesterday marked 30 weeks from my next big adventure…Ironman Chattanooga.  The training plan I’m using, Be Ironfit, is a 30 week plan, consisting of 10 weeks base phase, 10 weeks build, and 10 weeks peak. Last year I was scared to death of what the next 30 weeks would hold, leading up to the start of training for Ironman Louisville. This year, I’m READY.
I’ve found that I love training-I love the structure, discipline, routine. I love seeing how much I’ve progressed over the past year, and how my conditioning is building. This year will be so very different, for many reasons, but the one most on my mind, is that Jason will not be competing with me. I also have very different goals this year. It’s a little bitter sweet. But I know that this year, like last, will be full of adventures, laughs, tears, tan lines, and miles of beautiful countryside.
So quickly…the PLAN. Unlike last year where we started 30 weeks out, this year I started training about  a month early. I am using the 16 we…