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From IMLOU to IMCHOO and Being a Newlywed

The day I did Ironman Louisville was quite simply the best day of my life. As I sit here and update my training spreadsheet to reflect the dates for Ironman Chattanooga (IMChoo), I feel like I am betraying something each time I hit delete or change a date.  Not only was it the day that I became an Ironman, but it was the day I became an Ironman hand in hand with my fiancĂ©, and moments later, his wife. Each time I change a date, it feels like I’m erasing a part of this journey. Jason and I started the morning of October 9th side by side (we even snuck a kiss mid-swim!), we finished hand-in-hand, but mostly, we did the ENTIRE journey together. All 30 weeks of training, and 14 hours of Ironman. We laughed together; lost our minds in hot, August, 6- hour rides together; lived through messy piles of laundry and dirty water bottles together; got up early-super grumpy- together; and learned how to work as a team to make our dreams come true. 
Training and completing the Ironman was truly a …