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Lake Logan 70.3 Race Report

Race morning started with a 3 a.m. wake up. I was so thankful to have the-best-Sherpa-ever, my dad, at the wheel for the 1.5 hour drive, as he was quite familiar with the winding roads through the mountains. Every time we thought a turn had brought us to the middle of nowhere, we made another turn, farther into the rural NC mountains.  Switchback after switchback and climb after climb, we quickly realized that Jason and I would be having an interest bike ride that day!
This was the 11th year for the Lake Logan Multisport Festival by Set Up Events, which always draws a very competitive crowd. Although in the dead of summer, it's always wetsuit legal because the lake is fed by a mountain stream. The water at the swim start is generally in the 70s, but we were told that as you near the finish, where the stream meets the lake, the water temp drops to the high 50s! At the well-organized packet pick up, we got our bibs and awesome Next Level t-shirts, my favorite brand because the mate…

Lessons of Ironman Training Continued

This is technically our first week in “Build” phase, although we are tapering for our Half Ironman on Saturday. Next week we will be entering full blown “Peak Phase” and on week 21 of our 30 week plan.

To get my mind off of how quickly the past twenty weeks have flown by and the fact that we are insanely close to the big day, I have compiled a list of lessons that I have learned over the past twenty weeks:

vIronman has its own time zone- Ironman Non Standard Time. Inside your Ironman training bubble, life moves along at a very normal to slow pace. Meanwhile, your life/summer/year outside the bubble flies by.
vThere is such a thing as being too lazy/tired to go out to eat.
vYou are not born with ugly feet. You develop ugly feet as you age. This is compounded if you are a runner. My feet are not the same feet I had just five months ago.
vYou will develop a not so very fine line between the ONLY thing that is comfortable to wear and everything else. You will realize that over half your tri…