Ironman Training: 10/30 Weeks FINISHED!

It’s a small step, but then again a huge step. We’ve made it through “Base Phase”, which is ten weeks of Ironman training. Which also means we are one-third of the way through our training for 140.6 miles at Ironman Louisville.  Time has never gone by so quickly in my life! I thought the 30 weeks would creep by, one dreadful week after another, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! The time is flying by so quickly that I’m wishing it would slow down. I don’t feel ready to race an Ironman in only 20 weeks!!!!

Another really unexpected thing has happened. I’ve enjoyed almost every single minute of training! I thought I would find myself struggling for motivation, but each workout leaves me ready to crush the next one. There have only been a few moments when I have been riding or running along, and out of nowhere this thoughts pops into my head “what in the world am I doing?! I don't want to be on a bike! I don’t want to do an Ironman!!” It’s the weirdest thing! But as quickly as it appears, it’s gone.  I’m loving how strong I feel and am constantly amazed by how quickly my body springs back from each workout even stronger for the next one (thank you heart rate training). But let’s face it, stairs are an everyday struggle!

Unfortunately, with base phase now behind us, things are going to get a bit harder. Now that we have built our “base”, we now get to “build” on that. Build phase introduces another brick workout (bike to run with a very quick transition between the two) and another swim. Our swims are also 500 yards longer, so 3,000 yards, three times a week. And we get to introduce speed work! I’ll admit, I’m a bit nervous about the speed work, but mostly excited! Both Jason and I have both set PRs (personal records) recently with just the base we have built in low zone 2 heart rate zones.  So although the speed work will be more difficult, hopefully we will be motivated as we see even bigger results.
I’m a bit, actually VERY apprehensive about this next phase, but then again I was terrified of the base phase before we started. Hopefully we can tackle this next step with a smile on our faces too.

Thanks to my training partner because there have definitely been some times that I have not had the best attitude or felt like I could not complete a workout. He’s pushed me and encouraged me, and even bribed me with pizza and ice cream. Knowing the workouts will be tough is enough to psych me out a lot of days, but knowing that I don’t have to do it alone makes the difference.  I know I could not have accomplished as much as I have the past 10 weeks without you. Thank you for sacrificing date nights for sweatpants on the couch, foam rollers, and take out. Thank you for loving me through my moodiness. Thank you for helping me with the day-to-day so I can get my workouts in. Thank you for putting the “team” in triathlon!

And because I’m a data junkie….
The Numbers:
Swim: 8.49 miles
Bike: 80.85 miles
Run: 31.58
16 hours, 38 min.

Swim: 11.46
Bike: 220.75
Run: 78.12
37 hours, 37 min.

May 1-22
Swim: 7.88 miles
Bike: 181.22 miles
Run: 61.67 miles
29 hours, 3 minutes

Base Phase Total
Mileage: 682.02
83 hours 18 min.


  1. I know the last 10 weeks have been crazy! I could not imagine taking this journey alone. Im lucky to have the most inspirational and determined training partner ever! I cant wait to #sayido@IMLOU! I love you training partner!

  2. and dang thats a lot of miles!

  3. Love your commitment to the training and each other.


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