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5 Stages of Grief After Signing Up for Ironman and Other Lessons

It’s the beginning of week three and I have already learned several things in my journey to Mordor…I mean Ironman Louisville.
#1 My legs will be tired and steps will be hard. This is especially unfortunate when your apartment is upstairs. Bikes, gear, groceries, so many stairs.  I’m calling these painful trips cross training. Speaking of groceries…
#2 Don’t neglect the meal prep. You can have fun on your weekend, but you will pay for it if you don’t meal prep. I got all my long workouts in this weekend, but then I spent the rest of it eating fair food and spending time with friends. I planned to meal prep Monday, our one “rest” day, which actually means clean, meal-prep, and laundry day. However, mine and Jason’s engagement photoshoot on Saturday was rained out and rescheduled to last night, and just like that, I missed every opportunity over the weekend to meal prep.  So let’s do a little math. 2 athletes + 0 cooked food or snacks=Betty White level hangry. 

#3 Garmin heart rate strap…

Ironman Game Plan

And just like that, we are half way through week 2 of training for our first Ironman.  Early on, I knew the only way I was going to be successful was to find a "game plan" and stick to it. Unfortunately, hiring a coach was financially not an option for us. I felt like some of my mediocre results at previous triathlons resulted from first not having a plan, and later, not sticking to a plan. After some research, I felt confident that the Be Ironfit plan would get Jason and me to the finish line. I decided to start with the competitive plan, and if it gets to be too much, I can always back down to intermediate later.
So far, I really like the book’s approach and time-saving tips. Our workouts are structured by time rather than distance, so it is easier to plan out our week ahead of time.  The plan also starts out at a very reasonable 6 hours a week. This has been tough, as we were so anxious to start training, and now that we have started, I am so motivated, I feel like I wa…