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Little Grand Canyon hike

One of Georgia's Seven Natural Wonders, Providence Canyon was actually created in the 1800s by local farmers whose irresponsible practices led to major erosion, eventually creating what would come to be a 1,000 acre state park.   I've lived in Georgia for 18 years, but only recently found out about this place, nicknamed the "little grand canyon."  Last week, my fiance and I decided that instead of celebrating Valentine's this past weekend in the usual way, we would do what we are best at-go on an adventure!!! Me and my Valentine, my Adventure Buddy for Life! Early Sunday morning, we loaded up the car with our back packs, warm clothes, and hiking boots, and set out west.  Two and a half hours, hundred of cows, and zero places to eat later, we found ourselves in Lumpkin, Georgia.  Starving, we drove through the downtown area (about a half mile square) three times before finally finding the town's one of two restaurants, Snooky's (the other being a

Love Your Body

So Valentine’s is FOUR days away!!! Second to Christmas, I’d say that Valentine’s is the most consumer-based holiday. Instead of feeding the frenzy by spending money to show just how much you love someone, I challenge you to invest in yourself this Valentine’s Day. It may sound selfish, but mental and physical health is one of the best gifts you can give to a loved one. After the holidays, my fiancĂ© and I made the difficult decision to eat better.  This probably sounds familiar.  We have been down the healthy eating and meal-prep road before.  But we are human, and God just created me to love cupcakes and frozen yogurt more than the next person.  By the end of last year, I felt like things had just gotten out of hand.  We were eating out several times a week and not watching at all what types of food we were putting into our bodies or our portion sizes.  Even after I ate whatever I was craving at the time, I just felt miserable, sluggish, and guilty rather than satisfied.

What I Discovered After Working Out 33 Days in a Row

I didn’t plan on beginning a workout streak… it just sort of happened, much like the ten pounds I gained over the past year after going back to school full time, a vacation to Alaska, and the holidays. I did not have high expectations for myself this past year. I made studying for my paralegal certificate a priority. Training was squeezed in when I had the time and mental stamina, which let’s face it, wasn’t often. I did somehow manage to complete my second, half Ironman distance triathlon in mid-November, but since then I had been dying to simply get active.  I was not necessarily motivated by the desire to get in shape, but to just DO something. So, on New Years’ Eve, I found time to for just that. I renewed my pool membership, and I went for a thirty minute swim.  The next day, several friends and I went on a New Years group run (where I got ENGAGED!!!! Post to follow on that soon!)  I had the next day off for the holidays too, so I went for another run. The next day I ro