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Rocketman 70.3 Race Report

Rocketman 70.3 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida would be my second Half Ironman distance triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile back, 13.1 mile-half marathon-run). Last year, I completed Augusta 70.3 with a very respectable time, but I was not satisfied with the effort that I put in prior to the race. This year, I decided to change that. I found a training plan and stuck with it. I was very proud of my progress…. UNTIL I wound up with a chest cold about four weeks out from race day. I would rest for a few days, and when I started to feel better, I would do a light workout, only to be setback another few days. I finally recovered from that, only to come down with two more infections with less than a week to go until race day. By this time, my nerves were fried and I had not had a solid training session for almost a month. I was so weak, I could barely walk up steps, and I wondered if I would be able to start the 70.3, let alone finish. Kim and I met a Wookie at packet pick u