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Theory on Levels of Pain and Albany 13.1 PR Race Report

Today, you get two blogs for the price of one!! My new theory about endurance sports AND my 13.1 race report. Better go buy a lotto ticket, lucky you ;) My most novel ideas always hit me in the moments before falling asleep! Last night, I was reliving my high of PRing my half marathon time by 23 minutes on Saturday.I haven’t been able to figure out how I ran a PR like that without a dedicated training regimen. Suddenly, it occurred to me that perhaps completing my Half Ironman distance (or I imagine a similar long course athletic event) might have had EVERYTHING to do with it.
Unfortunately, since I started back to school starting in January, I have not been able to train as I would like. I just refuse to sacrifice my gpa, family life, or health to maintain a full training schedule. I’ve done two long runs: two 15k races that I ran for fun, and a handful of other jogs on various gorgeous, irresistible days since completing Augusta 70.3 in September.I’ve not had the time to research or w…