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Dirty Eater Confessions Continued: Tips and Recipes

When determining what you should eat every day for your goals, you should do some research about the percentages of fats/oils/carbs in your diet. I personally don’t believe in following a low carb or low fat diet and completely avoiding those foods (unless your doctor has prescribed this kind of diet). Contrary to popular belief, there are GOOD carbs and GOOD fats that are NECESSARY to make sure everything is working correctly, i.e. you have sustainable energy throughout the day (carbs), your joints and heart are working well (healthy fats), etc. This chart is a good example or starting point, but you may need to refine it as you find out what works best for you.

Personally, I have always struggled with getting enough protein every day (I generally shoot for 1 g per lb of body weight when I am working out a lot so my muscles are fed, but I’m sure that’s not for everyone).I can usually eat about 100 g without feeling like I am force feeding myself chicken, so if I want more than that, …