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What the Heck Is Clean Eating: Confessions of a "Dirty Eater"

What the heck is clean eating? Yeah, I don’t know either… who even made up that silly phrase?!   The only dirty foods I know of are carrots and potatoes straight out of the ground! Wash the dirt off THEN eat!   In all seriousness, such an open-ended term is certain to have as many definitions as there are people who use it.   Since this is my blog, I am going to explain what it means to me. When I think about ‘clean eating” I think about eating nutrient dense foods (micronutrients AND macronutrients) as fresh as possible, i.e. ditching processed foods. After feeling great while eating healthy for a few months a year or so ago, I slowly started making bad food choices until eventually I was eating out several nights a week.   It was just easier, no messy dishes to clean up, no time thinking up what to make, grocery shopping, preparing.   Not that you can’t find healthy choices at restaurants, but let’s not kid ourselves-it’s not easy.   I am very guilty of ordering a hu