My Top 10 Triathlon Favorites/Essentials

So I can’t even begin to list all the things I have purchased over the last two years to fuel my triathlon hobby, and there are some things I am still figuring out or still need to upgrade. But there are also a few things that I have discovered that I just can’t live without. Some of these can apply to only biking or running as well.  In nor particular order, here are my tried and tested and very LOVED favorite things :)

1.         Rudy Project Kylix Xy Raspberry with large multilaser red lenses.
They don’t slip, they don’t fog, they don’t make me look like an alien, and they don’t get caught in my hair. What more can a girl ask for? (If they do make me look like an alien, just allow me to live on in my ignorance.) They also come in a super nice case for those of us who sunglasses don't stand a chance around (guilty!)

Nervous face, but glasses still look good.
2.         SOAS racing running shorts. Most comfortable shorts I have ever run in, hands down. As a plus for those of us girls with curvier figures, they don’t have that all-too-common tight elastic band in the waste, so no unflattering lines in your silhouette. P.S. Some of their shorts and kits are on sale right now!!
3.         Garmin 910XT. Anyone else know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are pumped for a ride, run, or swim, and your Garmin won’t turn on because you forgot to charge it!? I can’t say enough how this watch was worth every penny. I love being able to know how far I have swam in open water training, and it helps me stay on track with speed when I’m just not feeling it some days (or alternately, keep me from blowing up at the beginning of a training session if I am feeling it). If you are worried about the expense, this watch will grow with beginners. Next season, I am looking forward to taking my training to the next level by researching and using the heart rate monitor more in training.


4.         Infinit Nutrition.  I really give a lot of credit to Infinit nutrition for my strong(ish) run at my first 70.3 in Augusta. I had so much to stress about leading up to my race, the last thing I wanted to worry about was researching and wasting precious time and money in the trial and error method with myriads of nutrition options (gels, tabs, liquids, chews, you name it!). Sticker shock got me at first, but I saved money in the long run since it was on point from the get go. I have a sensitive stomach, and unfortunately had to switch from the whey protein to soy, but the Infinit team was great, and did the swap quickly and professionally. I had some of my ‘run mix’ prior to the swim, then drank the ‘bike mix’ during my bike. This carried me through mile 8 of the run, where I bonked. I only bonked because, due to injuries, I had not been running a lot leading up to the race, and therefore decided not to try drinking nutrition during the long run for the first time on race day.

5.         Road ID. I can’t tell you how many flyers I’ve thrown away that I received in race swag bags because I didn’t really understand what Road ID was. Then one day I looked it up after seeing a sale online. Now I literally wear my band every day. It is not a tracker, there is no monthly fee (unless you choose this option), and it simply lists contacts and my allergies, just in case. It is affordable and I am always getting compliments and questions about it! Especially if you train often by yourself, do yourself a favor and get a Road ID!

fits right in!

6.         Experia Running Socks.  I first fell in love with these socks for running, then I realized that they worked perfectly to prevent a nagging blister from my bike shoes that are a little too big (for ease of slipping in and out of during tris). I simply won’t do any long distance running OR cycling without them. I had two pairs at 70.3 in Augusta and swapped them out in between the bike and run.


7.         Trigger Point Performance Therapy ‘The Grid’ foam roller. After 8 years of intense knee pain woes, I give this one item the most (not total) credit out of any doctor, prescription, weight training or PT regimen, for allowing me to train. My knee pain has improved immensely after using this regularly. And for the first time in 8 years I am 80% free of the stiffness, pain, and pops that I have battled my whole adult life. I take it with me anytime I go out of town.

It hurts so good!

8.         Leopard Print Grip Tape. Leopard. Seriously. This speaks for itself.

And lastly, the two things that are the most subjective to personal preference, but I’m listing them anyway since I have gone through soooo many trials and errors and money trying to find the perfect fit!

9.         Cobb V-Flow Max saddle.  I have tried Adamo, Terry, Koobi, other Cobbs, etc., and this is just what works for me. Two months out from my first 70.3, I had no idea what saddle I was going to ride or how I was going to make it through the bike, but then I found the Max just in time!

Happy place!

10.       Asics Gel Cumulus. After probably ten pairs of different running shoes over the years, these are what I’ve been the happiest with. Only my right foot pronates, which has created additional leg problems in the past when I have tried to run in stability shoes. Even in most neutral shoes (which these are), I will often get a blister on the arch of only my right foot because of the rotation. Previous versions I wasn’t in love with because they felt like they were slipping off the heel no matter how I tied them, but they have seemed to fix that with this version. I am very happy and blister free in these Cumulus 16s.

Besides, does it get better than turquoise and lime green? I think not!


What are the ‘deal breakers’ for you? Or things you just can’t live without?  Clue me in so I can try them too-Christmas is right around the corner!!!




  1. My Rudy sunglasses are at the top my list! Also my Garmin! For the longest time I resisted the urge to jump on the Garmin bandwagon, but since my Girlfriend got me my Garmin 310 it has changed me as an athlete! Im going to have to try the Cobb saddle and see what its all about. Great list Trismashley!

  2. Great post - thanks!! I've yet to pick up the Garmin, but it's next on my list

    I've discovered the desoto 2 T1 two-piece wetsuit and love it, as well as the high-waist desoto bike shorts - highly recommend!!

    1. Now is a really good time to pick up a Garmin- now that the 920 is out. I have seen a lot of lightly used ones for decent prices :) I will definitely have to check out the Desoto stuff! Thanks!!


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