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My Top 10 Triathlon Favorites/Essentials

So I can’t even begin to list all the things I have purchased over the last two years to fuel my triathlon hobby, and there are some things I am still figuring out or still need to upgrade. But there are also a few things that I have discovered that I just can’t live without. Some of these can apply to only biking or running as well.  In nor particular order, here are my tried and tested and very LOVED favorite things :)

1. Rudy Project Kylix Xy Raspberry with large multilaser red lenses. They don’t slip, they don’t fog, they don’t make me look like an alien, and they don’t get caught in my hair. What more can a girl ask for? (If they do make me look like an alien, just allow me to live on in my ignorance.) They also come in a super nice case for those of us who sunglasses don't stand a chance around (guilty!)

Nervous face, but glasses still look good. 2. SOAS racing running shorts. Most comfortable shorts I have ever run in, hands down. As a plus for those of us girls with curv…

Avoiding a Midseason Bonk-Preventative Steps to Maintaining a Healthy Physical and Emotional Balance (for the rest of us…)

Always a 'challenge junkie', my idea of downtime after a long triathlon season was hiking a mountain ;) Disclaimer: This article probably isn’t going to win me a whole lot of brownie points, as I know that there is a lot of current discussion about the ‘dumbing down’ of sports and competition for the fun and inclusiveness of the masses. To which, I raise my hand and say that’s me!! I am a participator, and I have decided that that is okay, and that’s my goal for the moment. If you are closer to the participatory end of the spectrum than the professional end, this article might be for you. As a competitive person, I always struggle internally when I see others who are faster, stronger, and fitter than me. The whole nature of competition is seeing how you stack up against others who are stuffed into the same category as you, based solely on age or gender.This extremely simplified categorization often makes you feel that you SHOULD be competitive against these other people, and f…

Embrace the Pain: The Emotional Roller Coast of My First 70.3

As I sat soaking in the relative calm from the river shore, the reality and weight of the fact that I was about to start my first half Ironman became to feel more and more real.  With the sun rising over the river, and the clock winding down, over twenty swim waves had already jumped in the 68 degree water and fought the current waiting for the start.  Finally, about thirty minutes before my start, I zipped my wet suit, hugged my family goodbye, and walked down the hill to stand in line with a hundred or so of the other 18-29 year old women, strangers, that I was soon to be in very close quarters with, all fighting for the same goal. I began to get fidgety, adjusting my swim cap and my wet suit constantly, feeling very alone in the crowd. My biggest fans! It’s hard to describe the feeling of the long and slow, but energized walk out onto the winding ramp along the river and finally, down onto the floating dock.Volunteers were spaced at intervals along the ramps, cheering and handing ou…

Augusta 70.3-Pre race recap

Never in my life have I over analyzed or stressed about a day the way I did about my first 70.3.  From the day I signed up in early spring, in addition to the usual training, I read, re-read, highlighted and studied the athlete guide, pelted veterans with questions, took copious notes, followed blogs, joined Facebook groups, and printed articles from USAT emails, trying to anticipate anything that could possibly come up.  I drove my family crazy with my nonstop chatter and worrying. By the Thursday before Sunday race day, the following race day necessity checklist on my phone was twice its normal size: ·Flashlight ·Wet suit ·Cooler (for race day breakfast) ·Water ·Pain reliever ·Spare tube/kit ·Ride glide ·Sunglasses ·Race belt ·Running shoes ·Goggle defogger (baby shampoo) ·Visor ·Flair (as in something to spot your bike in transition) ·Goggles ·Extra goggles ·Honey stinger waffles (3)