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Tri to Beat Cancer

             Earlier this year, when I tentatively mapped out my year in races, I never guessed that I would be completing the Tri to Beat Cancer in honor of my dad. Two days ago, at the young age of 53, my dad was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of cancer, and two days ago I officially signed up for this triathlon in August.                  I consider myself a fairly fortunate person.   The first person that was close to me that I have lost was my grandpa (on Dad’s side) earlier this year.   My family has been blessed, as we have experienced no serious illnesses or loss. That, added to the fact that my father is the strongest person I have ever met, contributed to the feeling of having the wind knocked out of me two days ago when I heard the news. My dad (a retired veteran after 20 years in the Coast Guard) regularly works two (or more) jobs, maintains two (or more) houses, is the personal mechanic and handy man for my whole immediate family, volunteers