Butterflies on the Water

I am new to blogging, but with a history of writing and a B.A. in English, I often times find myself wishing I could share my story with those whom it might inspire. This is my hope, that, and perhaps writing will once again become my safe haven and lead to self-discovery along the way. This is my story of faith, health, family, relationships, and tid bits of what I learn along the way. If you have any questions, or would like to hear more about something, let me know!

            Back in February or March of 2012, I noticed there was a "sprint" triathlon at Lake Tobesofkee (Lake Tobo), Macon, Georgia in June. I said to Jason, my friend and gym buddy at the time, that it might be worth training for and doing next year. We had just completed our first Spartan Sprint Race, and we were looking for something new and challenging before the adrenaline wore off.  I had only completed my first 5k four months prior.  To my dismay, he looked up the link, messaged me back, and said "I'm doing it this year."
            I thought he was crazy, but told him I would train with him, and if I thought I could do it, I would sign up a few weeks out (I'm one to play it safe, and neither of us even had a bike to ride at the time!). I never expected that in two months I would be standing at the edge of a calm, serene body of water, fighting back some of the worst butterflies I have ever had.  That day, I planned to be happy with whatever time, as long as I finished before the cutoff.
            Today, I find myself one year out, almost to the day, and I am absolutely hooked on a sport that I waited until I was 24 to discover.  Last June, I raced on my mom’s 20 year old Trek road bike.  This June, I have spent almost a year of training, and spent a total of almost $1,000.00 on a lightly used Felt that I have been turning into a tri bike as I save the funds.   This year, I will be standing at the edge of the same calm, serene body of water, fighting those same butterflies that first made their appearance one year ago.
            The last couple of years since I have graduated college and decided to focus on my health have been an amazing journey, in which I have taken strides forward and back, fallen in love with my training partner, and pushed myself to the limits time and time again, always surprising myself with what I can find within me.
            Last June, I finished this race last year in one hour, 54 minutes, crushing my goal of two hours, and I am planning to come back this year and complete it in 1 hour 45 minutes or less (it's here for the world to see, so I know I have to push myself this weekend!). And in 2014, I dream of completing a half Ironman here in Macon on this same course, then Ironman 70.3 Augusta. I thank God for giving me the health and ability to do what I love. I thank my training partner and love, Jason, for always refusing to play it safe and always pushing me past my comfort zone.  Partly because of him, I have had the faith in myself to discover a sport that makes me teary eyed every time I cross the finish line (and also making sure I wake up at o'dark thirty and train even when I don't feel like it). And I thank all my friends and family for supporting me all the way. I know not everyone is meant to complete a triathlon, but I hope our story can encourage people to overcome their day to day struggles and make health and wellness a priority :)


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